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Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut: The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, encompassing the entire state of Connecticut. It is one of the nine original dioceses of the Episcopal Church and one of seven New England dioceses that make up Province 1.
Matsudaira Muneakira: Matsudaira Muneakira (松平宗発, Matsudaira Muneakira?) (August 10, 1782-September 20, 1840) was a Japanese daimyo of the Edo period, who ruled the Miyazu Domain.
Leiferde: Leiferde is a municipality in the district of Gifhorn, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
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The Chieftains 4: The arrival of Derek Bell on harp gave The Chieftains a distinctive delicate sound. The slow air "Mná na hÉireann" (Women of Ireland), composed by Seán Ó Riada, was used in Stanley Kubrick's 1975 film Barry Lyndon. In 1996 Mike Oldfield recorded it on his album Voyager but credited it to "Traditional".
Cefn Mably Hospital: A house of some sort stood there in the early 12th century. It was largely rebuilt in the Tudor architecture style in the 16th century; the east wing was subsequently rebuilt from 1688 in Georgian architecture style. [1]
Pope Stephen II: I want to rename the page Pope Stephen III into Pope Stephen II, but I need room for it. The dab is already on the article Pope Stephen III, so there is absolutely no need for a separate dab page. You can find a long discussion about this in Talk:Pope Stephen. Maybe this place is not the good one to discuss the issue of numbering popes Stephen, but I've found no other place to launch this debate. Švitrigaila 09:00, 31 March 2006 (UTC)
Crucible steel: Key to the formation of any steel is the conversion of iron oxide, into iron. Iron is not normally found in its elemental state due to free oxygen in the atmosphere, so some method must be used to remove the oxygen again and return the iron to a pure state. The most basic way to do this is to heat it in the presence of carbon, which will then combine with the oxygen to form carbon dioxide, leaving elementary iron with a high concentration of carbon.
Kenya D. Williamson: Williamson was mistakenly credited as Kenya Williams in 1998's The Players Club. She began playing the violin at age 8.
Sign of the Cross: In societies with constant Christian observance the Sign of the Cross is employed during everyday activities. For example the spoon crosses the newly poured mixture before stirring, housewives bless food when placing it in the oven, potters bless the clay before creating a vessel, and one slicing bread crosses the bread with the knife before cutting, as bread is considered to represent the body of Christ.
North Collins (village), New York: North Collins is a village in Erie County, New York, USA. The population was 1,079 at the 2000 census. The name is derived from the local town.
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Duke Blue Devils men's basketball: Schools and Institutes: Divinity School • Fuqua School of Business • Graduate School • Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences • Pratt School of Engineering • Sanford Institute of Public Policy • School of Law • School of Medicine • School of Nursing • Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Methodist Church Ghana: One of the largest and oldest Protestant denominations in Ghana. It traces its roots back to the landing of Rev. Joseph Dunwell on 1 January 1835 in Cape Coast. Many of the early missionaries died of malaria and other tropical diseases early on. Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman, another missionary emerged as the father of Methodism in West Africa, taking the Christian message beyond Cape Coast to the Ashanti Kingdom, Nigeria, and other parts of the region.
Kim Carnes: Kim Carnes (born July 20, 1945 in Pasadena, California) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter. She is noted for her distinctive, raspy voice which she attributes to many hours spent singing in smoky bars and clubs.
A Bigger Bang Tour: In keeping with tradition, The Rolling Stones performed a surprise club show on August 10, 2005 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre before an audience of 1,000, each only paying $10 (the Phoenix's regular cover charge).
Lailoken: Lailoken was a Northern Brythonic prophet of the late 6th century. He is particularly associated with the Battle of Arfderydd in Cumberland (now Cumbria) and the area just to the north, over the border in modern Scotland. He apparently caused the battle and was subsequently sent mad with reproach.
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Suleiman Mousa: Suleiman Mousa is a Jordanian author born 1920 in Al-Rafeed, a small town north of the city Irbid. He wrote many books and was the first Arab author to write about Lawrence of Arabia. His book Major Biography of T.E. Lawrence: An Arab View was published in 1966.
Fairfield Metro Center: Fairfield Metro Center is a planned massive 900,000 square feet building complex and possible train station along Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line in eastern Fairfield, Connecticut. The project has been heavily subsidized by state, federal, and local taxpayer funding. If construction ever commences and the project is completed, it will increase the commercial space inventory in the town of Fairfield by 50%. The proposal includes a railroad station to be located between Fairfield station and Bridgeport station. Many expect that this station would become the new express pick-up from Fairfield heading toward Stamford and Grand Central thereby displacing the longstanding use of the downtown Fairfield station for that purpose. The complex will be accessible by exit 24 of I-95, through the traffic circle at Kings Highway, and a two lane road. The project has been designated as a "major traffic generator" by the CT State Traffic Commission even though ironically the proponents of the project have represented that it would make traffic conditions better. In fact, neigboring City of Bridgeport officials had called the traffic studies "woefully inadequate" during the review process.[1] Bridgeport officials have also asked for a share in the project tax revenues as well due to the stress the project will place on the city but no agreement has been reached to date on the issue.
Lorenzo Amoruso: Prior to coming to Scotland, he played for Italian clubs Bari, Mantova, Pescara, and AC Fiorentina, where he won the Italian Cup in 1996, as well as reaching the 1997 UEFA Cup Winners Cup semi-finals, losing out to the eventual champions FC Barcelona.
1995 Toronto Blue Jays season: The 1995 Toronto Blue Jays season involved the Blue Jays finishing 5th in the American League East with a record of 56 wins and 88 losses.
Brazilian Arboreal Rice Rat: The Brazilian Arboreal Rice Rat, Oecomys paricola, is a rodent species from South America. It is found in Brazil.
Global Recall: Global Recall is the fifteenth album released by rapper, Luni Coleone. It was released on June 27, 2006 for Out of Bounds Records and was produced by Luni Coleon, Big Hollis and Larry Funk. Tracks from Global Recall, along with tracks from Total Recall, would later appear on a compilation entitled The Recall Albums.
1672 in music: Articles and events specifically related to the year 1672 in music.
Paso de Uspallata: The Paso de Uspallata (Passage of Uspallata) is a mountain step used by the Army of the Andes to cross the mountain range in 1817, in order to release to Chile of realistic hands. Also it is denominated like Paso de la Cumbre (Passage of the Summit), call thus for being the point upper of the passage between Mendoza and Santiago de Chile, and like Paso Iglesia (Step Church) (of the side of Chile) and Bermejo of the Argentinean, by the dominant color of mountains of the place.
Albert L. Lehninger: After receiving his doctorate in biochemistry, he held various faculty positions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Chicago. In 1952, Lehninger came to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine assuming the title of DeLamar Professor of the Department of Biological Chemistry. He served in this position until 1978, when he was appointed to the role of University Professor of Medical Sciences. This position was created specifically for Lehninger, to honour his service to Johns Hopkins University, his pioneering scientific efforts and his dedication to his students. He held this title, and proudly served the scientific community, until his death in 1986. Posthumously, his memory is honoured through the The Albert Lester Lehninger Memorial Lectureship at Johns Hopkins University.
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